A rebrand raises the business profile of a bespoke Android device manufacturer.

When your company is ready to pitch new prospects, but your corporate image looks like it was designed in a crappy paint program, you’ve got a presentation problem. It’s like going on a first date wearing a raggety t-shirt, cargo shorts, flip-flops and you haven’t brushed your teeth nor combed your hair… and no one told you it was a problem… Well, it’s a huge problem!

Social Mobile is a bespoke device manufacturer headquartered in Miami. They custom design and manufacture Android-based hardware/software solutions for all kinds of industries. Think devices for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food delivery services, etc. And they needed to update their brand and their supporting materials… badly.

Working closely with the Chief Growth Officer (that’s a real title), I began to rebrand Social Mobile and their sub brands; from the logo to the website to the business papers. I also created style guides for all 3 brands so that employees will have some guidance when they create materials.

After seeing the results of our work, the CEO said, “Wow! I totally get it now! After all these years, I finally feel like I have a company I can be really proud of.”

New Master Brand with Business Cards


Master Brand Style Guide

Sub Brand Refinement with Style Guides

2 pages from sub-brands Mambo and Rhino styleguides showing color/ground relationship and logo clear space