“We need to update our brand and brand materials. While you’re at it, it would be great to get a style guide so that everything looks consistent. And, can you design a brochure too? Oh, also a presentation folder to hold everything. And, of course, our show announcements and gallery artist cards.”

Why yes, of course! These projects are my favorite. Updating the brand begins with an assessment of where things are currently and a conversation with the principals about where they see their company going. From there, I realized that slightly modifying the brand, and adding a tagline would be all that was needed. Once I solved the lockups, I proceeded to show the updated brand in all its applications.

One of the most exciting things was the option to create a separate set of executive business cards along with a set of regular business cards. The regular business cards are printed 1 color on 2 sides. The executive business cards are made of 2 sheets of paper, black and white, glued back to back, and the branding is a black foil stamp on the black paper. The person’s info is printed in the same 1 color on the other side. The end result is a heavier card with a shiny black foil against a matte black paper. Super elegant.

Updated Branding with Custom Executive Cards

Show Mailers

show mailers

Gallery Artist Cards