Rebranding one of San Francisco’s premiere home care services means identifying the real users and marketing to that audience.

Who’s the real audience for senior home care services? Is it the seniors using the service? Their children? Their partners?

For anyone who understands marketing, the adult children and partners are the real audience. Because let’s be honest, they’re the ones who will write the checks. So you have to pitch to them. You have to make it feel like their loved ones will be getting the most skilled, attentive care available.

In rebranding Reliable Caregivers, it was critical to communicate the high touch and high quality services the company provides. The answer is in the name: Reliable. That means making the materials look like they feel “solid”. And giving designs a luxury flavor with bright, happy, home care images where the seniors still feel independent but definitely cared for.

A rebrand and printed material redesign: A slim-jim brochure and 2 insert pages from a larger brochure