A commitment to quality is more than just marketing words with McCutcheon Construction.

“Paint the back of the fence because you’ll know it.” The saying, attributed to Steve Jobs’ dad, is an object lesson about doing complete work and having pride in craft.

McCutcheon Construction has a reputation of doing the best design and construction work possible for their clients. Their work regularly wins prestigious national, regional and local design / building awards.

Creating their marketing materials requires the same exacting attention to detail. For the past 8 years, I’ve worked with McCutcheon Construction on all kinds of projects. From ads and seminar materials, to brochures to anniversary materials, to signage. Below is a small sampling of the work that I’ve designed for them.

Magazine and Newspaper Ads

Seminar Marketing Materials


Special Event Marketing Materials

Building Signage:

Exterior Building ID: .5″ thick water jet cut dark stained bronze with clear coat. Pin mounted and glued flush to surface.

Interior Entry Lobby: Clear Lucite panel, float mounted .75″ from surface