Walk a mile in my 6-inch stiletto heels!

Madison Young’s one woman show, Reveal All Fear Nothing, is a 90 minute exploration of her experiences in the porn industry. She covers topics such as what performers get paid for a scene, gender pay equity, and what drives her. Reveal: she supports local artists and a local arts performance space. She shows us the funny side as well as some of the serious side. She wraps up her show by presenting a highly personal ceremony where the audience is both a participant and a viewer.

In helping Madison design all the supporting materials for her show, I felt like I was able to give back to the arts community in a small way. The show announcement postcard is above. The items below are: the program; one of the projected backgrounds for a segment of the show called “Name That Fetish”; a PowerPoint presentation about the business aspects of porn; and some giveaways (some buttons, a hand mirror).

Show Program

Cover and interior spread from Madison Young Reveal All Fear Nothing show program

Projected Backgrounds

Slideshow Presentation Deck


Madison Young Reveal All Fear None show schwag: pinback buttons and pocket mirror