“How do we raise $500,000 to help rebuild the Lowell Library? Oh, and by the way, we’ve never done anything this massive before…”

Actually TBH, $500,000 is not a large amount when it comes to capital campaigns. But the Lowell Alumni Association hadn’t fund-raised at that scale before, so they asked for my expertise and design guidance.

A little background: Lowell High School is one of the top public academic high schools in California with a long, rich history that dates back to the gold rush days. They regularly graduate a majority of their student body heading to top colleges. Lowell also happens to be my alma mater, so jumping in to help the fund raising effort was a no-brainer. The money raised would supplement the rebuilding program started by the San Francisco Unified School District. It’s like the PTA chipping in on a grand scale. It’s an opportunity to update the Library for the needs of 21st century students. And it’s a much needed overhaul because the Library hadn’t been touched since they moved to their current campus in 1962!

We planned out the campaign and designed all the marketing materials. Phase 1 was a big push to present to the large amount donors and phase 2 was aimed at the entire alumni base, along with parents, friends of the school, specific alumni classes, and other community colleagues. The campaign ran for a year and a little bit. At the final tally, the fund raising hit about $875,000! The new Library should be completed by Spring 2021.

Phase 1 Donor Event Invitation Package in Translucent Mailer

Phase 1 Donor Event Brochure in Translucent Envelope

  • 7.5 inch square brochure inside an 8 inch square translucent envelope

Phase 1 Donor Event Display Posters

lowell campaign display posters

Phase 1 Donor Event Presentation Slidedeck

Campaign Website and Donation Page

2 web pages

Phase 2 Mailers