Some of us would rather forget our high school experiences, letting them fade into oblivion, but not me, I have some fond memories of my time there. So when the Lowell Class of 1981’s 20th Reunion event came up, I wanted to design something with humor and nostalgia for the event.

Humor and nostalgia are very powerful communication tools when used properly. So, the obvious idea is that after 20 years, people would want to know, “Hey, where are you?” That phrase takes on a larger meaning once you have time to reflect on how far you’ve come in life.

Lowell High School always has a large class body, and they always take giant panoramic class pictures. So in this case, asking “Where are you?” has a double meaning on where you’ve come in 20 years as well as asking where you are in the giant class photo… A conceptual two-fer. The typography on the front is super fun, something I would not have been able to use everyday; and the typography inside is very spare, just the where and when.