Working with top professionals makes design so much better.

David Duncan Livingston is one of the best architectural photographers in the Bay Area. His work regularly appears in all the top local and national architectural and home publications. He’s won many awards for his work and he’s published many books on beautiful homes and their design.

What makes his work so great? His images are always straight. If you don’t know, this is very hard to do with the camera, but he makes it happen every time. Amateurs always end up with distortion at the edges. He brings props and will set up all the “things” in the picture. He knows that his images will have text on top and he’ll make room for it.

Working with David to create his marketing materials is a great experience because you get to work someone who understands the value of good design. Not only that, you get to work with beautiful images from the start. Below are a few of the pieces I designed: one of his brochures, a small folding brochure, and a catalog for his fine art photography.

Architectural Photography & Furniture Photography Brochures

Cover and interior spread from portfolio brochure for architectural photographer David Duncan Livingston


Fine Art Photography Show Catalog