Even a very successful business networking group needs great branding.

Branding that’s done really well is like a bespoke suit. It’s made only for you and fits you perfectly. And when you’re wearing an outfit that’s tailor made for you, you’re brimming with confidence, ready to land that account or go on that date.

Business Growth Network is a business networking group, a chapter of BNI that meets in Piedmont. And the branding that came from the mothership was honestly… meh! And that wasn’t ever going to change.

I was a member of the group for 10 years and from the beginning, I realized that this group was unique and needed it’s own signature brand. So I designed their collateral materials including a logo, website, a welcome sign, a brochure listing their member professions, and an invitation card members could hand out.

I’m not totally sure if the new branding made them as successful as they are. What I am sure of is that the new branding communicated to visitors that the group walked its talk on every level.

Introduction Card and Member Directory Brochure

Welcome Banner