What the hell is an SMB??? I had the same question myself.

As it turns out, I just found out that it means Small and Medium-sized Businesses. If you’re just finding that out too, no worries, we can pretend that we both knew it all along ūüėČ Or if you don’t care and you don’t want to use another business acronym, that’s totally cool too. Whatever people call it, I’ve been doing branding for small and medium-sized businesses since I became a designer many lifetimes ago.

So this is the one page in the site not organized under the banner of a single client. This page has branding work I’ve done for all kinds of local small businesses.

What I’m showing below are 3 groups of branding. The first group shows the brands only without any application. I wanted this group to focus on the logo solutions. The second group shows brands with business card applications. I wanted this group to show how the business card could add to the brand message.

The last group shows solutions that are not necessarily logos. Sometimes the branding is in the business papers.

Small Business Brands

costa auto care logo
wulffbuilt logo
eventworks logo
emberclear logo
gonzales brothers garden services logo
venturetrack logo
triple nickel 555 logo
california parole officer conference logo

Branding with Business Card Applications

Branding as Business Papers

Letterpress Stationery

Her name is Gina Rose