“Kern, you’re like an automatic profit center. When you work on a project, we always make money.”

That’s one of my funniest memories of working with Alterpop. One day, the bookkeeper said that to me in passing and I still remember it to this day. Alterpop is an award winning design agency run by Doug Akagi and Dorothy Remington. We’ve all been good friends since 1985 and the opportunity to work with them came in 2004.

Working with Doug and Dorothy can be summed up by the phrase, “Doing great work while laughing our butts off.” The easy joking comes from our friendship outside of work. During my time there, I designed branding, capital campaign materials, invitations, newsletters, signage, packaging, membership publications, and all kinds of other stuff. What you’re seeing below is a small sampling of the work produced.


Empire Business Park logo. 3 blocks that form an "E" in perspective
IEP logo. Printer's blcok with trim marks. The "e" is a registration mark
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory logo

Print Collateral

Capital Campaign Brochures

  • Cover and interior spread from Opening Doors brochure for Cal Performances 100 Years capital campaign
  • Cover and 2 interior spreads for The Nature Conservancy Imagining California brcohure
  • Cover and interior spread Resource Legacy Fund capital campaign brochure

Fund Raising Event Invitation Packages

panoramic invitation, save the date card and mailing envelope. 360 degree view of San Francisco

Corporate Publications

Architectural Signage

Lafayette Library and Learning Center entry signage final drawings with figure for scale