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Mavis Delacroix Logo for a local realtor. Her promise is that she always delivers, no matter what.

EmberClear, Inc. A clean coal energy research company

Isabel Gonzalez Gonzalez Brothers Gardening Services logo

IDS Real Estate Barstow Business Park—designed at Alterpop, art director Doug Akagi

Valerie Aromin Personal logo

Lafayette Library and Learning Center Stylized LLLC—designed at Alterpop, art director Dorothy Remington

VentureTrack Partners Coaches for start-ups seeking venture capital funding

Marianne Beck Personal logo

Autodesk Reseller Testing and Certification logo

Career Wisdom Institute Specializing in helping people make the best Career Transition

IEP Printing designed at Alterpop, art director Doug Akagi

EventWorks Corporate and not so corporate event planner

Koret Family House Cabernet for Connoisseurs: an annual auction featuring prized cabernets

Autodesk Tradeshow hardware/software testing and play area logo